Ranking Up on TaffyNet

Hi Everyone, Taffy here.

Today, I’m gonna explain how the ranking system works on TaffyNet.
Don’t be scared, there still is no donation system. Ranking works a bit differently here.

You start the world as a Freeman. You can do the basics, but you don’t earn claim blocks all that fast and your claims expire after 30days.

From there, you rank up based on time played. Below is the table that shows how the old system worked and how the new system works.


GD Blocks per hour are you Claim blocks. Claim expiration automatically changes as you rank up, so there is nothing that you have to do.

You also get more homes as you rank up.

Please note: Asking for ranks will get you nowhere. Probably muted tbh. So, don’t do that.

That’s all for today! I’ll update this post if things change.