Ranking Up on TaffyNet

Hi Everyone, Taffy here.

Today, I’m gonna explain how the ranking system works on TaffyNet.
Don’t be scared, there still is no donation system. Ranking works a bit differently here.

You start the world as a Newbie. You have the basics, you can explore. The only thing you cant do, is sell items or Pokemon. There is also an AFK kicker to stop people from trying to cheat the system.

Once we get to know you, One of the Admin team will rank you up to Regular. This gives you exemption to the AFK kicker and lets you buy and sell.

Say you befriend the staff, we get to know you even more and we like you, You can earn the V.I.P rank. This gives you /echest /trash. You also get a fancy room on discord!

Please note: Asking for ranks will get you nowhere. Probably muted tbh. So, don’t do that.

That’s all for today! I’ll update this post if things change.