Below are the commands that you will find useful to help you on your adventure.

World Wide Commands

/server pixelmon – This will get you on the Pixelmon Server to start your adventure!
/server vanilla – Come and join the fun on 1.14.4!
/server lobby – in-case you want some alone time

Pixelmon Commands

/sethome – Set this as your home. You can only have 1
/home – This will warp you to your home – This has a cost of $100pc and has a cool down of 30 seconds
/tpa – Teleport to a friend! – This has a cost of $100pc and a cool down of 3mins
/rtp – Randomly Teleport yourself somewhere in the world. This has a small cost of $500 and a cool down of 30mins
/spawn – Visit spawn! Things change often

/flex (slotnumber) -Show off the wonderful Poke!
/ivs (slotnumber) – Check your poke IV’s
/evs (slotnumber) – Check your poke EV’s
/wt (slot) – Try your luck to get a good poke!
/tradesim (slotnumber) – No Friends? Use Tradesim!
/pay (player) (amount) – Send money to someone!
/pokesell (slot) (player) – Send a poke to someone.